aSOC. green planet cannabis club BARCELONA


The ASOCIACIÓN GREEN PLANET CANNABIS CLUB BARCELONA is a not-for-profit association for cannabis users, which is governed by the following RULES:

    • Consumption or transport of medicinal cannabis in public spaces, and particularly where minors might be affected, is not allowed.
    • Being a pro-legalisation association does not mean promotion.
    • You cannot transfer the product taken from the association, or part of the same, to third parties.
    • It cannot be sold and it cannot be given away as both would be crimes (As you have no license to do that).
    • It is obligatory to present your Membership Card and/or your Identity Document.
    • If your membership card is lost, you will be charged a fee of € 10.
    • Taking photographs and/or videos on the premisesis prohibited (OPTIONAL).
    • The consumption of our medicinal cannabis is restricted to the member’s area in the club.
    • Please, do not make a noise in the immediate vicinity of the club.
    • Pets and bicycles are not allowed to be brought onto the premises.
    • Members must keep the premises in a good state.



    • Transferring your membership card. It is personal and non-transferable.
    • Failing to state the truth in the registration of personal details.
    • In any circumstances, a definitive conviction for drug trafficking will be a reason for expulsion.
    • Not complying with the recommendations made by the Association regarding health and safety.
    • Not informing us of having been formally charged with an offence under Art. 368 of the Penal Code.
    • Not informing us of having been penalised under Articles 25.1 and 27.1 of Organic Law 1/1992 on the Protection of Public Safety